Sounds: Swim // She Doesn’t Care

If you’re looking for some real good vibes wrapped within a bedroom pop track, then look no further than Swim and their tune “She Doesn’t Care.”

The 19-year-old Portland-based artist has written the sweetest, most innocent love song, explaining the ways in which his object of affection ‘doesn’t care’. She forgets his name, she stomps off, she just doesn’t give a fuck. And through the layered instrumentals and light guitar, you almost feel that he doesn’t care as well. It’s pure, and it’s almost surreal to think that love can exist in such a simple way—but, isn’t that kind of the point?

Word on the street is that Swim is putting out an album next year (2020) so if nothing else, it’s something to look forward to.

Listen to “She Doesnt’ Care” below, and go out and find—and share—some love.

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