Spotlight on: Sebastian Van Ravenhorst (Van Common)

Known as Van Common, Sebastian Van Ravenhorst is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose 2019 debut solo EP “Time Is A Dream” has been streamed more than 550,000 times on Spotify. The native of Amsterdam obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Music from the prestigious Conservatory of Amsterdam, where he was one of a handful of artists studying within the selective Pop Department. His first major project – as the lead singer, songwriter and guitarist for indie band Blupaint – had Van Ravenhorst performing across the continent at Europe’s largest festivals. Blupaint was awarded the coveted breakout artist award ‘De Grote Prijs van Nederland’ in 2016 and has toured with international artists Feng Suave, The Temper Trap (Aria Award winners), Sunset Sons and Wet (Columbia Records). The band’s songs have been streamed more than 1 million times on Spotify and received more than 120 live plays within a month – an unusually high number – on 3FM, the largest indie music radio station in The Netherlands. As a prolific songwriter and lyricists, Van Ravenhorst has collaborated on original work with Tjeerd Bomhof (Dazzled Kid, Voicst) winner of 2 Edison Pop Awards (also known as the Dutch Grammy), Mathias Janmaat (Bombay / Bombay Show Pig,) winner of 3VOOR12’s Best Album award, and Jiri11, one of the Netherland’s biggest hip-hop acts in recent years.

Van Ravenhorst has been profiled and featured, both as Van Common and with his band Blupaint, in music & culture publications around the world: CLASH magazine (UK) VEVO (US & NL) 3VOOR12 (NL) Niche Music (Japan) Fame magazine (UK) Not97 (featured in their podcast and physical magazine) (US) BIRP FM (US) The Daily Indie (NL) Aupium (UK) Is This Bliss (Thailand) The Vinyl District (UK) Destroy//Exist (US), among many others.

Watch his incredible music video for “Pictures” below:

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