[PREMIERE] Black Pope “Werewolf, Man” // Berlin

Werewolf Trigger Warning

Just in time for tonight’s full moon, Berlin-based recording artist Black Pope has just dropped this new single/video for the tune “Werewolf, Man.”

Accompanied by a self-directed 80’s slasher-inspired music video starring Lucie Aron (Replace, Berlin Syndrome), the track also features a line of dialogue recorded by Sherilyn Fenn of Twin Peaks—which the artist cites as an influence on his upcoming album.

“I love the mythology of werewolves because the transformation is so sudden and so dangerous. The imagery is so universal that I feel like you can interpret it as a rich and personal metaphor, or just a cool song about werewolves. I’m not sure exactly what was going through my head at the time, but in general I had a strong desire to burst out of my skin.”

Black Pope

Clocking in at less than two minutes, the track packs in a wall of guitars, spooky AF urgent drums and all Alex Turner reminiscent vocal noises one could ever only dream of. The lyrics describe a small community scrambling around trying to handle a werewolf problem. Casual.

The song was recorded with producer Cian Riordan (St. Vincent, Mini Mansions) and follows the September release “Goth Girl” as the second single from Black Pope’s debut album—coming next year. The album was recorded over seven days in Monique Studios in Cork, Ireland and has been described by the artist as “a love letter to loserville”.

Watch the video for “Werewolf, Man” below.

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